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Minecraft Premium Generator
Free Minecraft Premium Generator
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The sandbox game Minecraft was publicly released on May 17, 2009 as alpha PC version.
The swedish programmer Markus Persson, also called Notch, created the indie game and later developed and published it with his company Mojang.
In November 2011 the game finally was released as full version after several gradual updates.
Also versions for Android, iOS, Xbox,Xbox Live Arcade, Raspberry Pi, Xperia Play and PlayStation3 were released, which all, just like the original PC version, receive periodic updates.

Basically the game allows the player to build constructions out of various blocks within a 3-Dimensional environment. Everything in the generated world can be mined,  placed, replaced or destroyed. Sometimes the player needs to craft objects like an iron pickaxe before he is able to mine special blocks.
Therefor the game includes also a huge range of objects one can craft, as well as mines for exploring and gathering crafting resources.
With the game modes “survival” and “creative” the player can choose between a mode he actually has to watch his health and regain energy by eating [survival] and a mode in which he can forget these duties and build what ever he likes to [creative]. Additionally he has the option to create blocks from nothing and destroy blocks with one punch in the creative mode.
A last element of Minecraft is the combat. Once again the player decides whether he wants to fight zombies, spiders, skeletons and other monsters in a “easy”, “normal” or “hard” mode or if he even plays in the “friendly” mode where the monsters doesn’t even spawn in his 3D-world.


Lots of modifications are available especially for the PC-version of Minecraft.
They’re affecting details like  the player skin or the textures of the game.

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