Dragon City Hack Tool 4.2

April 3rd, 2014 in Hack by pengtheking 0

In Dragon City you have to raise your own dragon from an egg to a full grown dragon.
The reptilian adults then are used in battle with other people’s dragons to get gems, food, gold and XP points.
Every dragon has a type and an element to tell apart which are rare or how powerful they are.
Powerful ones can have up to three elements. The first element however always determine their type of attacks.
Exclusive dragons for example are only available through extensive breeding or during events.
But listen! You can avoid all the breeding and fighting by simply download this Dragon City Hack Tool and generate
all the items you need to breed your dragon army.

This great tool generates gems, food, gold and XP points for the free to play game Dragon City for free.
You don’t have to work for it or purchase them anymore and can play the game to its full extent.
The Dragon City Hack Tool is tested virus free and updates itself by opening.
It is compatible for iOS, Android and facebook.

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